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formerly Cerro Metal

Welcome to Bolton Metal formerly Cerro Metal

Bolton Metal acquired Cerro Alloys from Cerro Metal, who was the innovative founder of fusible alloys.  Bolton continues to produce low melt alloys under the Bolton name.  We are a company with nearly 75 years of manufacturing history and a great reputation for services and product development. 

We are a ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and distributor of bismuth based low melting point alloys, also known as fusible alloys.  We have hundreds of alloys available in various compositions with melting points from 117-520 oF to meet specific customer requirements.  Alloys are available in cakes, pellets, wire, rod, ingots and buttons.  Bolton Alloys are used in a variety of applications including tube and pipe bending, work holding during machining, fuses, solder, proof casting, radiation therapy, safety devices, molds and patterns.

Our applications and markets have a range from aircraft industries to dental, transportation and medical market. The fire protection equipment has always been a large part of low melt technology.

For those interested in custom alloys, Bolton has approximately 100 different fusible alloys which can be developed to our customer requirements.


What are Fusible Alloys?

  • Alloys containing bismuth, other elements are lead, tin cadmium and indium
  • Fusible alloys can expand by 3.3% volume when setting from liquid to solid
  • Fusible alloys have unusually low melting temperatures

Common Uses for Fusible Alloys


  • Work holding: tube and pipe bending, aircraft applications
  • Medical Field: blocking for radiation therapy
  • Molds: dental application, plaster, plastics and encapsulating
  • Solder: safety devices used in fire protection equipment
  • Transportation: plugs in compressed gas tanks for large trucks


Bolton* Name

Cerro Name

 Melting Temperature

Bolton 117

Cerrolow 117

117o F

Bolton 136

Cerrolow 136

136o F

Bolton 140

Cerrolow 140

140o F

Bolton 147

Cerrolow 147

147o F

Bolton 158


158o F

Bolton 174

Cerrolow 174

174o F

Bolton 203


203o F

Bolton 255


255o F

Bolton 281


281o F

Bolton 160/190


160-190 o F

Bolton 281/338


281-338 o F

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